Busch Gardens

On Sunday, Stephen and I went to Busch Gardens! It’s in Tampa which is where I grew up, so it was fun to be home for a little while. We went with some of his friends from back home in Ocala who I had never met, it was fun to meet them! We got there super early (well for me anyway) at 9 am because a new roller coaster had just opened to days before. It’s called Cheetah Hunt and it was really awesome. I loved how smooth it was compared to most of the other coasters. I literally popped a blood vessel or something in my left eye from being shaken around too much on a roller coaster, it looks gross.

As we were wandering around the park we found an area where you could look at a ton of animals. Stephen insisted that we go in so even though I’m not much of an animal lover, I agreed.

Nap time

There were three lions in this area and they were so cool. One of the ones in this picture is lying on his back with his paws up, even I have to admit it’s kinda cute :].


There were also three elephants who were eating these palm branch things. You can tell that they are really smart because they would use their feet told hold down the branch while the ripped off a piece with their trunk.

We saw some of these animals while on a ride called “Rhino Rally” where you ride around in this safari truck where the animals live. It was pretty cool, but I was sad we didn’t  go to where the giraffes were :[.

Here’s Stephen and I in front of the elephants :]

We decided to take the sky ride across the park so we could have a bird’s eye view of the park. Here’s one shot I took from the air.

While at the park we saw a ton of weird interesting people. Here’s one example:

At the end of the day we decided to wait for the cheetah show to start but we had about 30 minutes to kill so we grabbed a drink at the pub.

My drink (the pink one) was yummy but his (tiny and oh so manly) drink, not so much.

After the cheetah show, which didn’t turn out to be much of a show, we hit the road back to Orlando. And today is Memorial Day, so no school for us! Happy Monday!


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